GENXPERIENCE is the leading community equipping women founders, leaders and professionals ages 35+ to thrive in business and life




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We provide curated experiences through events, business education, community and partnerships for women in business, founders and leaders ages 35+








Since we're aware that during this phase of our lives, we as women founders and leaders are very intentional about thriving in every area of our lives without sacrificing our health, dreams and legacy. Our programs focus on:

  • Business

  • Leadership

  • Finance/Investments

  • Wellness



Because at this age, wealth and wellness is the new currency!





Some of our Present and Past Partners/Sponsors


Are you looking for a community of like-minded female founders and leaders over the ages of 35+ who  understand what it's like to build a brand and career yet prioritize wellness and legacy?


Being a founder and leader requires you juggling a few balls in the air constantly and sometimes it can truly be lonely. Add that to dealing with gender inequality, age-discrimination in the marketplace and workplace.

Sometimes you truly want to have women who get it, high-achieving women who can switch from conversations about leading in the boardroom and center stages to dealing with the responsibilities of being a caregiver to how to be equipped for peri/pre/menopause (because it's that important for your overall wellbeing).

We've been there too.

And we're truly excited to have a platform that provides the resources, tools and community to learn, connect and thrive.


"Empowered girls become empowered women." - Unknown



We are connecting and bridging the gap between generations of girls and women by mentoring and developing the future global women leaders.



THE NEXTGENPRENEUR is the #1 online academy and community for the next generation of girl entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators.





We equip middle and high school girls with life and leadership skills not taught in traditional schools such as Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Leadership and Personal Development skills